Whatever Dinner

Sometimes I blame it on our schedule. And sometimes that is legitimate. We do have a chaotic lifestyle trying to pack as much into our days/evenings as possible. But not tonight.

Sometimes I can use a special occasion to justify it. Or other times, I use a non-special occasion and make it special just so I have an excuse.

Tonight was none of the above. Tonight the reason why I did not make a proper dinner was pure laziness.

It is our first week of no more swimming lessons and no more baseball so technically we have our evenings back. However, there was a sister’s wedding, maid of honour duty type of emergency that required tending to. (hot pink matching heels for the entire wedding party on clearance!) As per my recent intention to reduce the frequency of eating out, I was determined to do my shopping without grabbing take out dinner. Instead we went home and had my daughters favourite dinner which we call Whatever Dinner.

It is really quite simple. We each have “whatever” we would like for dinner. It isn’t an anything goes, free for all. There are guidelines (it has to be something that fits on Canada’s Food Guide for starters) and there are expectations that it basically be simple & quick. It can’t be something we recently had – unless there are leftovers to reheat – and it can’t be bought.

Often peanut butter & jam but frequently it is caesar salad too. My personal favourite is a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit.

Most often it is three different meals but I think that is what makes it so fun. Everyone gets their own choice and everyone helps prepare it. And I’ve never had troubles with the kids eating what they take because it was personally chosen by them!

Tonight my daughter chose quite a variety.


There was a breaded chicken breast (halved) as well as a left over mini chicken burger from our previous BBQ night. she couldn’t make up her mind about which so she had both!. Then a generous helping of our secret dipping sauce (I’ve been wanting to post because it is oh so good – it’s coming I promise!!). In the corner you’ll note her strawberries (from Papa’s Garden – so fresh & delicious!) . Some blueberries and last, but most definitely not least in her eyes, a dill pickle. In fact, this one pickle actually turned into three pickles.

Perhaps not the most nutritious meal but she loved it because she chose it. Whatever Dinner generally makes a weekly appearance in my home and is always a success!

I dare you to try this – and let me know how it goes of course!


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