My Sophie

The first picture of Sophie!

This post is an attempt to, as my Blog’s subtitle says, “…appreciate the little things along the way.” Basically it is simply a reflection of how much I love my puppy! I also hope to use Sophie’s adorable face to help promote rescuing & adopting pets. There is no need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a dog when so many are waiting to be loved. Sophie is the perfect example.

I got a text from my brother that was a picture of a puppy (the picture you see to the right!). My instant response: “I’ll take her!”

Ok, so maybe you should put a little more thought into selecting a pet BUT, in my defence, I had already done hours of research and was regularly checking local shelters and Humane Society adoption lists. I was desperate for a friend dog so this is why I didn’t question accepting Sophie. That and the sad story of where she came from (which I heard later!)

So Sophie was delivered by my big brother. It was explained to me that her father was an “African Fighting Dog,” the story has progressed since then and it is now believed he is a form of an African Mastiff aka – Boerboel – google it! Her mother is a mutt who is mostly a boxer. So here I have Sophie, the Mastiff/Boxer cross. Whatever she is, she’s adorable and we clicked instantly – I wasn’t giving her back! Sure we’ve had our bumps along the way but overall, Sophie has been a perfect fit for my family, and I like to believe we are good for her as well.

So simply because I absolutely love my dog so much, I’ll treat you to –and hope you enjoy- the Life & Times of Sophie.
Her birthday is unknown but we guessed she was about 4 months when we got her in November

She was underweight…

…and looking for love!

First time seeing snow!

…And loving every minute of it!

Sophie & Duncan best buddies right from the start

*Duncan is boyfriend’s 150lb Mastiff adopted from the local pound – great big Teddy Bear he is!

Sophie finally had a home to call her own! With lots of love, training, and patience, she quickly grew out of her 40lb puppy body! Because we knew very little about her background, we weren’t sure how big she would get – we’re still waiting for her to stop growing!

She definitely has her playful, puppy side with all that Boxer energy!


And we enjoy going to the beach! Which Duncan loves too…




















Sophie is nearly a year old now and has most definitely become a part of our family. I am so thankful to have her in my life.


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