Today’s Style

This morning I was asked something I’m sure other mothers have been asked: “How come you don’t wear that necklace I made for you?”

My son put a combination of beads on string for my mothers day present this year. The best part was that he glitter painted a large sea shell to be in the centre of the shell and placed the beads around it. The kid has definitely got an eye for style! I absolutely love it and it makes my heart melt to think of the effort and thought he put into it.

It is one thing to love the little things your kids make (paintings, crafts, etc.) but it’s another thing to wear it out in public to school or work. But how do you explain this to your child?

Well I thought I had the perfect solution with my daughter. My response was always that Mommy didn’t want to ruin or loose something so special so instead of wearing it out I’d only wear it in the house and it’d stay in a special box in my room. Worked every time!

However, now with my son things are a little different. Mainly because he’s got his older, wiser, more cynical sister. So when I feed him my lines she is quick to point out that mommy wouldn’t want to wear something like that because people would laugh at me (darn school has tainted her already!)

So this morning I put the necklace on and was instructed, by the creator himself, to wear it all day long! I agreed. In chimed sister with her explanation of how I’d probably only wear it when he was around and not when I was at school today *darn! I wiped his tears -he’s a bit of a softy – and promised to wear it the entire day. And if anyone asks me, I’ll let them know my son made it for me.

So today I’m keeping my word. I got many compliments from the other children at Sawyer’s school when I dropped him off and a few grins from fellow parents. Some comments from the ladies at the coffee shop followed by the “aww”‘s once they found out where it came from. Walking on campus I’ve gotten a few funny looks but nonetheless, I’m keeping my promise!



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