Weekly Intentions

Having a goal is a good thing. It provides a direction & a focus; something to work towards. I set goals for myself all the time. Some I reach, others I don’t but I truly believe that any effort is a step in the right direction.

I’ve decided to do some more goal setting, but with a twist. Instead of aiming high and looking into the future, I’ve decided to set short term goals. But the term goal doesn’t seem to fit my mindset on these ones. I think intentions is more suitable.

Often times I set goals but don’t get hung up on meeting them exactly, I just hope to get a little closer to that desired end. This time around, I’ve created specific actions I intend to do (or not do!). Smaller scale perhaps but they will each in essence bring me closer to the larger, big picture goals!

So here we go! This week, the intention is to cook all meals. Seems simple but it really is an area where I struggle! A little bit of laziness with lack of time and add in there my location – fantastic restaurants on every side of us that will indulge every craving! It is just so easy for us to eat out and it’s becoming a nasty habit/lifestyle.

Last week my children spent 4 nights with their Nana while I was away at a conference. Each of those nights they went out for dinner! It was Harvey’s Tuesday, East Side Mario’s Wednesday, and more fast food both Thursday & Friday! They’ve had their fill of out-of-home dining for awhile.

This also means I’ll be looking for some new, easy, and inspiring recipes! Please share if you’ve got something that is simple & family friendly!


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