Bad Mommy Moment

I’ve just realized, at nearly 11am, that I did not send my daughter a drink in her lunch today. She is not a fan of the water fountain (after watching the boys in her class lick it repeatedly) and generally takes her favourite refillable water bottle with her to school. On each Tuesday & Thursday she gets milk from the milk program at her school but even on these days she takes her water bottle.

So why then, if every single school day she takes her water bottle, did I forget today? Maybe I can blame it on the fact that I was away at a conference all last week (Nana stayed with the kids so I could learn & pursue my passion, thank goodness for Nana’s!), maybe I can blame the bridal shower I planned and threw for my bride-to-be sister yesterday, or how about the fact that the kids and I got home late last night after doing the nearly 2 hour drive home from their father’s after throwing the bridal shower. Or, one last excuse, maybe it is my worst-case-ever of spring allergies that has attacked my head the past week.

No matter what my excuse is, I just plain forgot. And sometimes I do that. It is a bad mommy moment I hope to not repeat, but I’m not making any promises!



3 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Moment

  1. I’ve forgotten drinks before. On outings. Long walks and such. And then there’s the incessant whining of ‘I’m thiiiiirsty’ and ‘why didn’t you bring me waaaaaater?’ to guilt me into remembering the next time.

    • I’ve done that but always end up just buying them something – a stop at Tim Horton’s for just a drink turns into timbits or cookies! The extra cost always motivates me to never forget again!! But today I ended up delivering her water bottle to her at school – which made me late for my afternoon class but I had no other option! She was happy and accepted my apology. Glad I’m not the only one who forgets!

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