And then there was one…

For the most part I think being a single mother provides little deficits in my children’s lives. In fact, in our own unique situation, the benefits most definitely outweigh the downfalls.

Now and then things arise that remind of the simple fact that I am only one mother of two children. One mother that can only do so much and be stretched so thin. This upcoming week there is a field trip happening for each child: two kids, two trips; one day, one parent. How can this decision be made? There seems like no win-win solution.

Generally speaking I feel very capable of being the sole provider for my kids. I am proud of my strengths and aware of my weaknesses and overall confident in my abilities. But no parenting techniques or strategies will ever allow me to be in two places at once.

Times like these cause me to analyze, possibly analyze too much. Thoughts of what else my kids might be missing out on and other negative side effects they might face being raised by only one parent. Will they be held back because of this? Has it affected their development and will it impact them later in life?

All too often I let myself get dragged into a whirlwind of self doubt. Over all I know that any downfalls faced as a result of being raised by a single parent is far better than being raised in the environment we were in two years ago. I know this is best for both kids and much better for me.

As for the field trips, maybe I won’t go on either one. I could sit this one out, allow both kids an experience independent of the family and I can catch up on my require class readings or (gasp), maybe I’ll go for a run!

“Happy wife mother, happy life”


4 thoughts on “And then there was one…

  1. For three years in a row I ran the Mothers Day Classic in Brisbane and had brekky with my (grown up) kids afterwards; I wish now that I’d been this fit when they were younger, but I always felt too guilty to take time out for myself – ‘go for a run’ is a brilliant option, do it! and you know, even when there are two parents (especially when they both work full time) you can’t go to everything – having a happy (and fit!) Mum to go home to after a big day of independent school trip travel is a pretty darn good little life for a school kid 🙂

    • It is a struggle to ignore those guilty feelings that often come from doing something for me BUT, I do know that what you’ve said is true and it isn’t something I should feel guilty for. You helped put it into perspective. Decision made, I signed their permission forms this morning without volunteering for either one! Thank you 🙂

      • Your more than welcome, I grew up as the only child of a single parent and was a singleton myself for a while with my daughter; we both turned out just fine (and we are both very independent!) x

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