Words are beautiful. And sometimes, when strung together in just the right way, they can be mesmerizing. Reading is something I’ve missed since going back to school. Sure, I read a lot but not the leisurely reading I’d like to do. Textbooks can be interesting at times but there is nothing comparable to being completely immersed into a story (fiction or non) and living it through the text. I’ve read some amazing books to date and I’ve compiled a, “To Read” list filled with books I intend on one day reading. Have a look at my To Read list on my Readables page! Suggestions are welcome!

I’ve always wanted to join a reading club partly because just being in a club is fun in its own but also because I like to analyze the books I read. I generally read the books my mother reads(because she buys them and then passes them along!)and then we can talk about them together. We don’t exactly share taste in books though. I’m not completely against any specific genre but I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi or medical based stories. However, I never judge a book by its cover – or its genre!

I hope to pass along my love for the written word to my children. So far so good! Going to the library is one of our favourite activities. At my daughter’s age it is fascinating to be able to read. She has become quite the little reader and is venturing into the easy level chapter books. My son, although unable to read himself, could sit and listen to stories for hours. We once sat and read half of  C.S. Lewis’s “The Magician’s Nephew” on a quiet Saturday morning. He also enjoys the recorded versions of his favourite stories. We’ve started to listen to audio books during our long every-other-weekend-go-visit-Dad drives. It is a way for them to use their imaginations and picture the story as we hear it. Another benefit: since we started working away at the Chronicles of Narnia they’ve both begun using interesting language. For example: things aren’t just “cool” anymore they are “remarkable” and going to Tim Hortons “would be delightful!” Thank you C.S. Lewis 🙂

Considering the amount of required school reading I’ve got this summer it doesn’t look like I’ll be ticking books off this list any time soon. But I do think it is important to have a plan, and a list, for everything so that when the opportunity arises, I’m ready.

Happy Reading 🙂

-Make it a good day


5 thoughts on “Readables

  1. I have the Chronicles of Narnia on audio CDs for the kids which I’m saving for a long car ride!
    Also, I was wondering if you could write a post about how school affects your time with your kids and such. I am planning on beginning a diploma this fall and would like to hear your experience as well!

    • It has already been written!!! Just not published!!! Really there are just so many things to write about – I should just make it it’s own category and make it a series 🙂
      By the way – good for you for considering going back!! Above all else, the hard work is worth it!!

      • Well then, I look forward to reading it! I finally called and left a message to start the process (I have been putting it off…) so it was a pretty big step for me. Eep!

  2. Reading is awesome, and I’m also a BIG fan of the Narnia books. My favourite of all was “The Horse and His Boy” – can’t tell you how many times I read that as a kid. I’m really looking forward to when my boys are big enough to read it aloud to them.

    And I can totally relate to not being able to read books for pleasure while in school. It’s been a year since I graduated and I’m still not used to being able to decide what I feel like reading next! It’s amazing…

    • I was never interested in them when I was younger. I couldn’t stand anything that wasn’t realistic. But I’m absolutely in love with them now! I was surprised my kids were interested because the books are so long with no pictures. It’s a testament to his amazing writing the fact that he can keep not only my attention but my kids as well!

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