Green Beans & Brownies: Right Where I’m Supposed to Be

Sometimes, amidst the craziness & chaos of life and every ball that gets thrown in my direction and every new endeavour that (for some crazy reason) I take on, things just feel right.

Have you ever had one of those moments where things just make sense – and what isn’t clear yet doesn’t bother you because you have faith that it will make sense one day? I had one of those today.

I was biking, the sun was shining, my son was riding tandem behind me (we LOVE our ride-a-long bike!) and my daughter was peddeling beside me. It was about 8:15am and we were on our way to each of our respective¬†schools. We had a hill to climb, we call it “Hard Hill” (self-explanatory) which is immediately followed by a lovely drop running alongside a pond (actually it is a storm water retention pond, my boyfriend likes to be technical). I said “It’s hard work but it’ll be fun when we get to the top” in an attempt to encourage them up the hill. My daughters response went like this, “It’s like dinner. I have to eat my green beans and I don’t like them. But then afterward I get a brownie.”

My son’s giggle as I struggled up the hill (not loving my ride-a-long at that particular moment), and my daughter’s insightful comparison, and maybe a bit of the beautiful sunshine we were having in Southwestern Ontario, all combined together for one beautiful moment for me.

What’s happened in the past is in the past, it doesn’t define me or hold me back BUT it has made me who I am today and gotten me to where I am right now. Where I am, is exactly where I am supposed to be!


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