Ranting of a pig farmer…..

Ranting of a pig farmer.....

Every motiavtional, fitness inspired blog I follow has been posting this picture and I’ve finally reached my breaking point. Pigs don’t sweat people, shocker I know because of the catch phrase but please believe me when I tell you, PIGS DON’T SWEAT! Find something else to do to make yourself look like a fox.

That is all, no go make it a great day, thanks!


2 thoughts on “Ranting of a pig farmer…..

  1. Okay honestly I had NO idea pigs didn’t sweat! You have educated me 😀 I would love to hear about your life as a pig farmer – my maternal grandfather had a pig (yes, just one…kind of weird) on his farm and I’ve heard so many stories about that thing that I feel like I know it personally at this point. haha

    • I spent many summers spraying down the pigs because they don’t sweat. As far as I know (what I learned in 4H!), pigs don’t have sweat glands. They don’t sweat and therefore cannot regulate their temperature as humans can and easily overheat & die. Hoses, watering cans, whatever we could get into the barn we used to keep them cool. My father was pretty cheap and so the ventilation system in the barn was awful but he eventually had a sprinkler system installed that either dripped or misted the pigs depending on how many were in the pen (it vaired from 1 – 50!) – it sounds amazing but quickly stopped working. Pig barns are full of dust and the hoses got clogged and never worked properly! Pig farming is awful work and my motivation for education 🙂 no more pig farming for me!

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