My New Favourite Lunch

Here it is, my new favourite lunch. So simple yet simultaneously mind blowing: the new & improved peanut butter wrap!

It’s been a few years since I stumbled upon the peanut butter wrap and my life has never been the same. It’s been my simple late night snack, my energizing light lunch, and my comfort food. Natural peanut butter (I prefer the crunchy kind!) spread on a whole wheat wrap. There are no downsides (unless you can’t eat wheat!). It’s quick, tasty, and nutritious.

Last night my creative juices must have been flowing because what I’ve come up with is pure brilliance! Take my simple peanut butter wrap (remember: natural crunchy peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap) and then add sliced almonds and a dash of cinnamon. Still simple and still quick only now it’s even tastier & more nutritious!

Sorry no picture, maybe if the next one sticks around long enough I’ll snap a pic!

I believe I have found my new, true love.

Making it a great day,



6 thoughts on “My New Favourite Lunch

  1. Wow! I love crunchy peanut butter and I love wraps. I never though of putting the two together! Genius. I do not like eating a lot of bread lately, bread makes me gain weight so fast! I eat peanut butter alone.

    Genius! Watch, someone will steal your idea!

    Love it!

    • Someone could steal it, mass produce it in the prepackaged, full of preservatives form but that’s quite alright with me, I’d still make my own version, it’s so easy! And cheap!

      • Yes, you may want to do that. Why didn’t I ever think of that before…all I eat is wraps and peanut butter. The only way for me to try to stay a bit thinner. Bread puts 20 lbs on me in a week. I didn’t figure this out until about a year ago. Genius idea, genius…

      • Yes, A wrap gives me energy, bread makes me sleepy – guess cause it turns straight to sugar in the body. Unless it is grainy bread, and I mean the bread that is like eating a piece of wood from the health food store. LoL

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